Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Sunday

We finished the Spinto Band video yesterday. Our most productive week- usually videos take a few months of long hours in front of photoshop. This video was definitely playtime- we utilized all the little bitties Albert (mostly) has been collecting for years: dice, paper cutouts, action figures, buttons, shells, berries from the spirea bush outside, slides... Many of this items are on our chotchkies wall. Mr. T in cross stitch also lives on that wall. Albert encourages me to put him on my etsy shop , but I think I might miss him if he sold.

Back to working on pidgepidge again. I dressed the loom and am anxious to finish the last scarf so that I can start the next series. While visiting my mom and sister last month I bought a bunch of new wools in vibrant turquoises, golds, reds and greens. I am really excited to experiment with them.
I asked my friend, Brian, for advice on fixed the grommet-y part on the loom that keeps popping off. He suggests using a hacksaw to cut through it- for now I'm hoping it will break off completely on its own.

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