Friday, May 25, 2012

Peony Paradise

 This month has flown by! I have been knee deep in peonies again, picking 7 days a week for a local peony farmer. The weather has been cooler than last year and the frost devastated some of the crop. But there are still plenty of beautiful varieties. The funky fuchsia peony above is called Fantastic.

A gorgeous summer day out in the fields yesterday. The later varieties are full on and lots of daisies have cropped up between the bushes.

When frost hits a plant, it deforms the buds and disables them from maturing. Instead, little side buds shoot up and bloom. They aren't sellable, but still look gorgeous!

I think this one's called Henry Sass.

I think there are about 10 acres we walk through row by row twice a day in this field.

And this one is Francis Willard.

Hmm. Maybe this one is Fantastic. There are over 200 varieties!

My favorite peony variety- Mrs. FDR. The flower fades from white to creamy pink as it ages and have a pretty smell. Check out that mini bug mid- flight..

These little guys are about 4 days old. We've been checking on them every day, from the first time we noticed the nest. I love how the grasses are woven around the stems of the peony. As with all the bird nests we find in the 4 fields Richard grows, we leave the flowers on that plant unpicked.

Mondo thistle is my annoying enemy while picking- those prickers just go right through pants and gloves. Still the flowers are pretty awesome. Reminds me of an artichoke.

There may only be a few days left of peony season and then I'm back to weaving. I have about a dozen more summer infinity scarves to finish up and then work on the fall collection.