Friday, December 10, 2010

Our treasured mobile!

Our favorite (and only) Holiday Heap splurge.. So many tiny details- I love this little guy!
The best part of craft shows- meeting fellow artists and crafters! Check out Hillary's beautiful mobiles, dolls, sewn work etc..

Here's the latest scarf for the shop.. inspired by a city gal in the rain with black galoshes and a pink sweater dress!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Anastasia Scarf

Here are 2 pics from Holiday Heap last weekend. There are tons more photos at this flickr site, taken for Charm City Craft Mafia by our friend Ashley. That's Albert and Phil donning the two headed Craft Fair shirt!

Here's a new scarf for the shop.. love the bold contrasting colors (and bits of handspun purple yarn I found in my stash I'd made a few years back). Check out the etsy shop for more photos!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I am so thankful to all of the organizers at holiday heap and second storie. 2 successful shows (I wish I had more this month.. goal for next year).. Here's the new batch of scarves I had to bring to Baltimore. Unfortunately (but fortunately) there are only 2 new left to add to the shop this week. We've had spotty internet and will post this quickly.. hope to share more soon!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Heap!

Once again, the gals who organize second storie have amazed me! What a wonderful show this past weekend. I was so excited to see familar faces and get to know some new crafters. There was so much energy and support in the room! It was a bit chilly- perfect for shoppers in coats (there's nothing worse than overheating in a million layers) .. and perfect for me to model scarves (experimented this year with a half table and didn't have my trusty dressform).

Sunday morning all of the vendors shared in a delicious brunch with cider, coffee and lots of homemade goodies (hello lemon tart with fresh blueberries!). I love this breakfast because we have 2 hours before the doors open to shoppers to visit with each other. I always want to walk around during shows, but find it difficult to leave my table. In the hubbub of packing, I forgot to bring a camera to the show- but hope to find some photos posted online and will share here. I'll also try to post some links to my favorite folks at second storie.

I think I've got just enough scarves for the next show this weekend! Here are some photos from the new collection..

I'm psyched to be on another road trip with Albert this weekend. We'll get to spend lots of time with family, friends and fellow crafters at Holiday Heap! This will be only second craft show I've done during the holiday season besides second storie. I'm curious and excited to see how it fares :)