Monday, May 31, 2010

New Nantucket Scarf

Last day off.. it is going to be tough tough heading back to the day job. I've had 5 productive days- woven 4 more scarves, almost finished winding another warp (which I made on our back porch) and just finished making a variety of tasty picnic fare (guacamole, hummus, german potato salad, veggie skewers for grilling and spicy green garlic pesto). The guys are working on post production- sound effects for their film- munching cheese puffs, glopping canned dog food, popping balloons and making countless other howls, squeaks, whines and rustles (soon I can share their newly launched website!)

Here are a few shots of the last summer scarf in this current series.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brighton Market!

Thrilled to go to the first Brighton Farmer's market this morning! I've been saving all winter to budget myself $25 of produce a week every Sunday. Should've nabbed some photos, but I was so excited I forgot the camera. In our no-longer-condiment-only-fridge we've now got: a bunch of green garlic (to make pesto), beets with gorgeous greens, a hefty bunch of scallions, 2 bunches of radish, curly russian kale, fresh eggs, 2 bunches rhubarb, baby spinach and one splurge- a precious quart of strawberries! I had to fight the urge to eat them all in the car. Maybe making jam or strawberry rhubarb something. (Well maybe a few more splurges- a chocolate croissant for Albert and raspberry cheese croissant for myself from the Little Bakery)

Here are a few extra pics of the most recent scarf in the shop.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

New Charlotte Summer Scarf

The olive, navy blue and magenta stripe in the center of this scarf was a bit of a happy accident. Unexpected, but I love the combo!

I'm on day 3 of an unexpected 5 days off in a row. Getting lots of research done for future scarves- including exactly how long it takes to create one of these guys- from winding a warp, tying it on to the old warp on the loom, dressing the loom, researching and preparing my palette, weaving, tying fringe, photographing/editing/color correcting, and finally putting the completed garment on etsy.

Friday, May 28, 2010

That's 51!

Here are new photos from a scarf inspired by a scrap of paper on which I'd written a color combo found on a clearance sweater in the basement of a department store.. I can't remember the last time I was in a mall- so the idea has been waiting patiently for a long time!

New Sophia Summer Scarf

Just added another scarf to the shop and realized I've had 50 sales on etsy since I began in Sept. 2008. The 50th scarf took pidgepidge's longest voyage yet- to Singapore!

Here are a few pictures from the newest scarf I added. I had troubles last week with the photoshoot- was extra motivated and took photos after my day job around 6pm. I thought it was still sunny out, but the blurry quality meant it was just a touch too dark to take great photos. It's amazing what a redo shoot in good lighting does!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hearts and Crafts Show II

Here are a few pics of my friend, Sam's, beautiful button creations (etsy shop coming soon!) from this Sunday's craft show. She let me model a bobby pin to rule my unruly hair and I was so excited to see them sell sell sell!

What a beautiful weekend! Though the forecast promised rain (and I was glued to my first outdoor craft show experience), it turned out to be a breezy sunny Sunday. I've definitely realized I need a bigger table setup- certainly larger than my 3 foot card table. I'd love to get a few tables to create an L shape. I always debate what I should display- pet portraits or jewelry with the scarves- I want to show it all! This is my goal for the June show in Baltimore.
Getting ready to put up 6 more scarves this week- 5 of them summer scarves!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mendon Ponds

Woke up this morning and got my hair cut. That's 14 inches to give to locks of love :)
Then went with buddies to Mendon Ponds to lay in the grass and take a deliciously long walk in the woods (complete with chickadee landing on my hand looking for birdseed) and squirrels coming too close for comfort for the same. A lazy day ending with guilty pleasure- broccoli with garlic sauce eaten on the living room floor with Albert.

Here's the last scarf from the warp- loving the nautical theme this time around. I think the next series will play a bit more with magentas, pinks and purples...

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Bethany Scarf

This scarf is the second version I've woven inspired by a vintage circus poster. Thought about naming it Barnum or Bailey... another non-wool lady for the summer!

Seafoam and Moss

Here are a few more pics of the next scarf in the shop- no wool in this extra soft number! I'm still trying to find thicker fibers that aren't wool to work with- so far my favorite is the olive shade of organic nubby cotton.

Monday, May 10, 2010

New Summer Scarf

A new summer scarf just in time for the snow this morning :) I read recently that every May has a light frost- every year shocks me like the first time!

This scarf was inspired by a shopper's knit cap at the Buffalo Small Press Expo. I stared at his hat until I was sure I had it memorized. I love silvery gray with bright sky blue. I also love this page of colors.. how's that for a reference guide?

This last batch of scarves includes 4 without (or very little) wool. It was a bit more challenging to weave without all the weight of the wool to keep my pace moving. skinny fibers = more time weaving (but that's ok- the scarves are delightfully lightweight and soft).

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Midnight Purple Scarf

What a delightfully lazy Thursday morning. Had breakfast at our absolute favorite breakfast spot, Jim's... best egg and cheese wham with a mix of home fries and hash browns.

I downloaded a David Byrne album to listen to while editing photos and added the first scarf post MayDay show to the shop. Etsy has finally made some great time-saving improvements to their site- I can now upload all 5 photos at once and rearrange them in one easy step! Exciting, huh?

The next warp was tied on to the old and I am ready to weave again. I've recently expanded the warps to 12 and a half yards long- that's 6 scarves with a little wiggle room (maybe for smaller projects in the future?). Still at 144 warp ends with creates a scarf 11 inches wide.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lazy Sunday

A lazy Sunday after yesterday's MayDay Craft show. Pidge and Albert dozed a bit, I made blueberry scones and mystery dinner (a yummy casserole with brown rice, broccoli, sauteed mushrooms, onions and peas with cayenne pepper, nutmeg and lots of cheese).

Here's a photo from the show- the venue was slightly underground- making for a cool shopping experience (compared to the muggy summer heat outside). I was happy to meet many new vendors and visit with my booth neighbor, Elizabeth from The Fuzzy Bunny all day. I bought several of her lip balms back in November (peppermint and tea tree oil- so good) and have coveted her beautiful handspun yarns since then. She entertained all of my spinning wheel questions- one step closer to buying my own wheel!

Stay tuned this week for 6 new scarves (4 of which are no wool choices for warmer weather!)