Thursday, May 6, 2010

Midnight Purple Scarf

What a delightfully lazy Thursday morning. Had breakfast at our absolute favorite breakfast spot, Jim's... best egg and cheese wham with a mix of home fries and hash browns.

I downloaded a David Byrne album to listen to while editing photos and added the first scarf post MayDay show to the shop. Etsy has finally made some great time-saving improvements to their site- I can now upload all 5 photos at once and rearrange them in one easy step! Exciting, huh?

The next warp was tied on to the old and I am ready to weave again. I've recently expanded the warps to 12 and a half yards long- that's 6 scarves with a little wiggle room (maybe for smaller projects in the future?). Still at 144 warp ends with creates a scarf 11 inches wide.

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