Thursday, February 24, 2011

Scarf Preview...

After too many weeks, I finally have the next batch of scarves. Stay tuned over the next few days for each to get their close up in the shop.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Part 3

The only place we ate at twice- Crepevine. Breakfast above: soy chorizo and egg wrapped in a flour tortilla on a bed of black bean chili topped with fresh salsa, avocado and sour cream with rosemary roasted potatoes. (We photographed every meal- each completely memorable. I might have also grabbed take out menus everywhere)

Me in front of the Van Ness Ave Cable car.

Albert, Jon, Cheston and I at the musee mechanique.

Dancing boys in a 25 cent arcade at the waterfront (Alcatraz in the distance!)

Albert and the best cup of coffee he's ever had (Philz Coffee in Berkeley)

Part 2

Best Taqueria I've ever eaten in (maybe the first, but definitely the best!)

The SF MOMA had a great photo exhibit on voyeurism and surveillance.. The lobby had a spotlight that picked its victims and followed their every step, seemingly at random.

The view from the top floor at the museum. Where's Waldo?

Still from the Beast Pageant in our screening room.. this theater had love seats in every row!

The theater!

A Walking Tour of San Francisco

We're back from San Francisco and I'm left wondering why I wasn't born in California. I try to dissuade my thoughts of a move out west with earthquakes and mudslides and fires. But what a beautiful place! A gorgeous area filled with wonderful people, warming sunshine, delicious food (multiple vegetarian restaurants per block!!), exotic trees and plants..

We had 2 really positive screenings of the Beast Pageant at SF Indiefest- perhaps the best audience response yet! Here are some photos from the trip:

The walk to Dolores Park in the Mission. We had blue skies every day except for the last day.

Dolores Park.

The biggest echeveria I've ever seen. The 6 plants I've been growing for 3 years in electrical boxes are 3 inches wide...

Mystery tree.. any ideas?

Park City, Utah

Slamdance was awesome! Our first festival experience... surrounded by inspiring filmmakers, lots of great films, all you can eat snacks from the sponsors (I had enough pom wonderful juice and hummus chips for a lifetime), beautiful scenery and great people. The festival headquarters was just down the road from Sundance. We didn't see anything from that fest, mostly because Slamdance was so accessible.. no 3 hour lines and pricey tickets all over town.

There's a ton of photos from the festival on Slamdance's facebook page to check out.. Here are a few taken from the plane. Luckily the noseprints didn't smear the images!