Saturday, December 13, 2008

New Cape Cod Scarf

I've only been to Cape Cod once and boy do I love hunting for sea glass. This scarf was inspired by a photo of a picture frame made from salvaged painted shutters and boat parts. I love the weathered salty-kissed blues and greens. Good radio and a bowl of lentil soup provided the wind for my sail and I finished this scarf in one (long) day. Here are the photos that didn't make it onto etsy...

Thursday, December 11, 2008

New Pumpkin Scarf

I've been falling off the blog train lately. Not that I don't think about it- so many
projects to share, but mostly Christmas related... However, I did finish a scarf
last night and it is newly posted on my shop. Now that I have a place to post the photos that didn't make the cut on etsy, here they are:

This scarf had been partially complete for weeks- a spark of inspiration hit me last night and I'm happy with it again. I think I have enough warp for one or 2 more scarves and though I wish I'd finished them weeks ago for the holiday rush- better late than never.

Last night we went to our friends' place for homemade pad thai (the best I've ever had- thank you Brian!) and we ate like the little piggies that we are. I'm finishing up a pet portrait and have 2 more in line which is great for keeping busy while I brainstorm get rich quick schemes.. (mega millions?) I will of course post these post holidays.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pleats and Folds

Last night was Thanksgiving dinner #3. And I am officially stuffed with stuffing. I spent most of yesterday working on sketches for 3 new pup portraits- lots of staring at a computer screen and erasing with a nubby eraser.

During lunch break(s), I went window shopping on etsy and found 2 neat ideas from Carol at yorktownroad. I've got to figure out a place for me to sew pleats and folds- looks like fun. Maybe a scarf?

p.s. Spinto Band and Jon Moses are playing tonight at the Bug Jar!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Bags, bags bags

The holidays are chasing me down and I've spent the past week wrestling between Christmas presents and pet portraits.. Unfortunately, no pictures of these goodies - until after Dec. 26th.
Instead, here's a great shop I am currently stalking on Etsy:

I really love Retrofied's color sense and playfulness with pattern mixing. It's funny to post about bags because I am not really a purse buyer- that would be my sister- but I love these!