Friday, April 30, 2010

MayDay Tomorrow!

I realize I didn't give much notice about this craft show.. but it will be the perfect thing to attend tomorrow when the awesome weather threatens thunderstorms!

The first 30 shoppers receive a free swag bag- too bad I don't count... including 10 mini matchbook notebooks :)

Everything is packed up and ready to go- borrowed a pretty green linen from my pal Amy, a card table from my pal Sam and dressform from Rachel. Thank you!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Baltimore in June

I am super duper excited to have yet another reason to visit Baltimore!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Kickstart spring!

Totally enjoying the spring weather and loving the open windows! I have to admit I've been less productive than I should be weaving- have 2 warps wound but want to have 4 - 24 new scarves by the end of may to get me ahead of the game for the next 3 craft shows!

Side note- check out our friends Dan and Erin's kickstarter page! They're raising funds for what looks like a truly inspiring trip to Africa.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

First thunder!

It's always so exciting to hear thunder after months of wintery quiet. Pidge almost immediately slinks to the ground and runs to the nearest hiding spot. Is it wrong that I like to find her and pick her up and revel in her sweaty stillness? She becomes damp and heavy and doesn't move- almost as if she wants to sleep on my lap. Almost. I remember a particularly fantastic thunderstorm during the summer Olympics. I watched Michael Phelps with a limp cat sleeping on me for hours- scared or content, does it really matter? :)

Here is the last new scarf for a little while. It's a bit shorter than usual because I didn't realize I had extra warp on the loom- bonus scarf!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Springtime flowers

A soft palette of blues, greens and lilacs for spring! I had a lot of fun weaving this scarf- so many yarns to choose from with so many different textures.

Does anyone know what those little blue flowers are blooming all over the place? Smaller than crocus and hyacinth, definitely not muscari... Someone at the yard sale said they were jonquils- but I believe those are more like daffodils.

Wild Weekend

The yard sale was so busy that I forgot to take photos! On Saturday, we got up extra early to set up. The sale started at 8 and by 7:30 I already had 4 customers. Serious shoppers! Best snags of the day: lot of comics, a huge lava lamp, an atari with lots of games, movies galore, and board games. It was simply beautiful outside- we had a barbeque, got to meet a lot of the neighborhood and felt awesome to be getting rid of so much junk!

I am exhausted (in a good way) and now lounging in the un-cluttered living room (yay) finally getting scarves ready for the shop. Enjoy!

This scarf reminds me of the ocean. Sun, bright colors and salty sea air. Summer is coming!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marcel and Mister

I'm happy to finally share these cute guys with you. That's Mister in his dapper suit and Marcel getting ready to hop a train.

Handwoven Mustard Scarf

For the latest set of scarves, I decided to wind a primarily black warp. Because most of the colors I choose contrast greatly with the black, the patterning really shows up. I really like the two tone effect I'm getting - depending on how you wear the scarf, the color really changes.

I love using wool for its weight; the thicker/heavier yarn creates beautiful texture. But, I have been trying to minimize the wool in some scarves- especially now that warmer weather is coming. This scarf is mostly cotton and pima cotton with just a few small sections of wool.

It was just gorgeous outside today. All of our windows are open. It feels wonderful to get some fresh air in the apartment. Pidge has been belly up most of the day- when she isn't laying in the windows. She is so content right now :)

Albert and I are going to have a big yard sale this weekend. We stayed up until nearly 3 last night going through the attic and turning the place upside down. Our living room is totally full of stuff to sell :) Pictures to follow, I'm sure. If you're in the area.. come say hi!