Sunday, February 28, 2010


I spent most of my free time this weekend working on dozens of matchbook notebooks and winding 2 warps for the next slew of scarves. I just love paint chips!

Starting to get ready for the next craft show- the Buffalo Small Press Expo! March 27th in Buffalo. Excited to have a reason to visit family and share a table with my friend Amy.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Broken Embraces

This scarf was inspired by a great movie- one of my favorite of Almodovar's. Today I finished a pet portrait commission (images to share soon enough), washed lots of laundry and listened to 3 albums on repeat (Jenny Lewis and the Watson Twins, Vampire Weekend and Fleet Foxes).

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Scarf Wednesday!

Totally getting goosebumps watching the women's downhill skiing. Here are 3 scarves to show and tell.. (Pidge interrupting the shoot to birdwatch)

I think this might be the first scarf I just love too much to put in the shop! I modeled it for Hearts and Crafts (no room at the tiny table for the mannequin) and just love the color combo. Believe it or not, this was inspired by a set of cloth dinner napkins I have yet to use- too pretty to dirty!

New Mustard and Black Scarf

This scarf was inspired by a winter headband my friend, Nick, has- beautiful knit band with little knots of color in varying shades of gray and mustard. I'm thinking about winding a warp in black cotton and trying a series of darker scarves- black makes so many colors pop!

New Purple Scarf

Finally got up a few scarves that debuted at the hearts and crafts show.. That grape purple is super soft- as is the organic white cotton :)
Watching olympics and copying music getting ready to set up my very first ipod. Oh- I wish I hadn't just seen Michael Phelps in a subway commercial. He swam through concrete!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's

Happy Valentine's! I spent some time today updating the etsy shop with jewelry- still working on descriptions and names for the necklaces.. also rethinking photographing them.. any suggestions?

Albert and I had a great weekend- we rearranged the entire apartment (which we realized is in constant flux as we bring in new curb finds and rethink old ones) and cleaned like mad, watched Dr. Zhivago at the Dryden, tried gelato for the first time, made spring rolls, a szechwan stirfry, kale and mushroom white pizza and the most delicious juice.

Hmm.. this doesn't look as appetizing in photo form. That murky color is carrot and apple, magenta- beet and green- kale.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Hearts

Here are a few yellow-y photos I took at the show today. My friend, Rachel, was a trooper- and hung out with me all day (thank you!). I was so happy to meet fellow crafters, pick up a few great ideas and see such supportive friends. Yum to smelling coffee all day (if only I liked to drink it) and a pretty tasty giant apricot chocolate rugelah.

Highlights- letterpress Valentine's cards by greengirlpress, collaborative vases and mugs by shanna murray and vicky hartman, and beautiful altered clothing we got to stare at across the way. Our favorite was a velvet short sleeved dress with mauvy purple satin.

This week I'll add 4 scarves to the etsy shop, hopefully finish a pet commission and maybe get our apartment under control (it's laughable- the mess).

Friday, February 5, 2010

french fries

Took 6 scarves off the loom last night and tied fringe while watching Planet Earth. Every time I watch an episode it's like the first time- things I could never dream up! Love those dvds.
Almost finished getting ready for the Hearts and Crafts Show on Sunday- so curious to see how the necklaces are received and for consuming my weight in scones and chai lattes. Whole milk all the way!
Sometimes the craving for french fries is overwhelming. Or maybe ketchup and malt vinegar.
Albert and my favorite dinner together- homemade black bean burgers with roasted french fries, milkshakes and a movie.