Friday, February 5, 2010

french fries

Took 6 scarves off the loom last night and tied fringe while watching Planet Earth. Every time I watch an episode it's like the first time- things I could never dream up! Love those dvds.
Almost finished getting ready for the Hearts and Crafts Show on Sunday- so curious to see how the necklaces are received and for consuming my weight in scones and chai lattes. Whole milk all the way!
Sometimes the craving for french fries is overwhelming. Or maybe ketchup and malt vinegar.
Albert and my favorite dinner together- homemade black bean burgers with roasted french fries, milkshakes and a movie.

1 comment:

vicki hartman said...

OMG that looks yummy!

And now I wish I got a closer look at your necklaces at the show, they look really nice!