Friday, June 15, 2012

Shop Update!

 15 new scarves just added to the shop! There are several black, aqua and peacock infinity scarves that are limited edition.. discontinued fabrics :(

All silky soft with a handwoven striped cuff in different color combinations.

A coupon code for blog and newsletter readers! Free domestic shipping in the U.S from June 16th to June 24th - just use coupon code: SUMMER2012. 

Here's the catch-- any orders placed in that time will not be shipped until June 25th. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fireflies in June

Oh the other night was pure MAGIC.  The field behind our house was sparkling with fireflies. And it only got better when Albert pulled out the camera and we began to experiment with shutter speed. 

We began photographing around 9pm when the last moments of sun were 
disappearing behind the trees. 

The tracks leading up to our house.

Fireflies moving directly in front of the lens. 

An awesome abstract painting Albert took after I'd gone back inside. 

Oh! More than a dozen new infinity scarves were finished today.. look for them online soon!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This photo kind of reminds me of a painting (note to self: pin this for potential future quilt). Those are 38 new woven cuffs cut off the loom ready to be sewn! 

Each rectangle of stripe-y cheer will be transformed into a cuff which will be sewn onto infinity scarves.  I spent the week on my big loom using up warp ends from dozens of woven scarves that would have normally been tossed in the trash. What a treat to cut them off and have a look at them all- really a test in color inspiration and endurance to come up with this many combinations 
in such a short time. I hope to have a bunch
 of new infinity scarves in the shop soon!

Here's what else I did last week.. tubing on the Brandywine River with a bunch of pals. We now have several towers of tubes on our patio for the summer.

Proud to say I did not drown in the raging waters- but I did get a whole lot wetter than I originally thought (note to self: after a night of heavy rainfall, wait a few days for the river to return to its normally foot high waters).