Thursday, June 7, 2012

This photo kind of reminds me of a painting (note to self: pin this for potential future quilt). Those are 38 new woven cuffs cut off the loom ready to be sewn! 

Each rectangle of stripe-y cheer will be transformed into a cuff which will be sewn onto infinity scarves.  I spent the week on my big loom using up warp ends from dozens of woven scarves that would have normally been tossed in the trash. What a treat to cut them off and have a look at them all- really a test in color inspiration and endurance to come up with this many combinations 
in such a short time. I hope to have a bunch
 of new infinity scarves in the shop soon!

Here's what else I did last week.. tubing on the Brandywine River with a bunch of pals. We now have several towers of tubes on our patio for the summer.

Proud to say I did not drown in the raging waters- but I did get a whole lot wetter than I originally thought (note to self: after a night of heavy rainfall, wait a few days for the river to return to its normally foot high waters).

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