Wednesday, March 31, 2010

New Gray and Peacock Scarf

Freshman year in college I bought an oversized grey sweater (at a kiosk in the mall of all places) that I've since been getting lots of use from- it's unraveled yarn has made it into dozens of scarves. I used the last bits of it (unless I have another skein buried in a bin somewhere) for this scarf. Gonna miss it :) Stay tuned for a handful of new scarves in the shop this week..

Gearing up for a great weekend- 80 degree weather and hopefully a big last minute yard sale!

Circus Scarves

These two scarves have new homes with 2 lovely ladies in Buffalo as well. These were both inspired by vintage circus posters and have swatches of my current yarn favorite- organic olive toned cotton- super soft with a great nubby texture.

Plum and Paprika Scarves

Wanted to share 2 scarves that never made it onto the etsy shop- they sold at the Book Fair and now serve as inspiration for future scarves.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Soda and Pop

(Pidge after her thimble full of cider and piece of broccoli and garlic sauce)

Check out my friend Sam's new blog. I love his passion for beverages!
True story: I pigged out on cheap chinese food for dinner and loved the hard cider I drank with it- they complimented each other so well. Sam's blog would describe my experience in a way you would actually want to read..

Home again!

What a beautiful venue! The Karpeles Library Museum is an awesome space- stained glass windows, architecture.. The Book Fair was a great success- it was difficult to walk around with so many shoppers and so much to see. I am loving the craft show scene and can't wait to be a part of more. It is so rewarding to talk to creative people, share ideas and stories with strangers.. gush gush- wish I could write about it more eloquently. Thanks to everyone who came to support!

Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm heading in to Buffalo tonight to visit the fam and be a part of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. I am getting super excited- over 90 vendors- the biggest show for pidge pidge yet!
If you're in the area- come visit! Here's an article in the ArtVoice.

Here's a stack of 10 new scarves coming with me to the show (Pidge supervising, of course). Next week any leftovers will end up in the etsy shop and I'll be able to share photos here :)

Took the day off in preparation- did dishes for an hour and a half (yikes) while listening to Roy Orbison and Traveling Wilburys tapes, took 100 photos sitting in the sunshine and packed an embarrassing pile of laundry to bring to mom's (sorry in advance- should I bring you a roll of quarters? I've squashed it all down into a laundry basket- that means it's one load, right?).