Friday, March 26, 2010


I'm heading in to Buffalo tonight to visit the fam and be a part of the Buffalo Small Press Book Fair. I am getting super excited- over 90 vendors- the biggest show for pidge pidge yet!
If you're in the area- come visit! Here's an article in the ArtVoice.

Here's a stack of 10 new scarves coming with me to the show (Pidge supervising, of course). Next week any leftovers will end up in the etsy shop and I'll be able to share photos here :)

Took the day off in preparation- did dishes for an hour and a half (yikes) while listening to Roy Orbison and Traveling Wilburys tapes, took 100 photos sitting in the sunshine and packed an embarrassing pile of laundry to bring to mom's (sorry in advance- should I bring you a roll of quarters? I've squashed it all down into a laundry basket- that means it's one load, right?).

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