Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brighton Market!

Thrilled to go to the first Brighton Farmer's market this morning! I've been saving all winter to budget myself $25 of produce a week every Sunday. Should've nabbed some photos, but I was so excited I forgot the camera. In our no-longer-condiment-only-fridge we've now got: a bunch of green garlic (to make pesto), beets with gorgeous greens, a hefty bunch of scallions, 2 bunches of radish, curly russian kale, fresh eggs, 2 bunches rhubarb, baby spinach and one splurge- a precious quart of strawberries! I had to fight the urge to eat them all in the car. Maybe making jam or strawberry rhubarb something. (Well maybe a few more splurges- a chocolate croissant for Albert and raspberry cheese croissant for myself from the Little Bakery)

Here are a few extra pics of the most recent scarf in the shop.

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