Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Hearts and Crafts Show II

Here are a few pics of my friend, Sam's, beautiful button creations (etsy shop coming soon!) from this Sunday's craft show. She let me model a bobby pin to rule my unruly hair and I was so excited to see them sell sell sell!

What a beautiful weekend! Though the forecast promised rain (and I was glued to weather.com- my first outdoor craft show experience), it turned out to be a breezy sunny Sunday. I've definitely realized I need a bigger table setup- certainly larger than my 3 foot card table. I'd love to get a few tables to create an L shape. I always debate what I should display- pet portraits or jewelry with the scarves- I want to show it all! This is my goal for the June show in Baltimore.
Getting ready to put up 6 more scarves this week- 5 of them summer scarves!

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