Monday, November 3, 2008

Happy Fall

I just love this little pumpkin. We found him on the walk to the library along with this gorgeous orange tree. It is a deceptively warm day- I had hat and scarf and mittens but needed none. I picked up 2 knitting books to find a project to start for a knitting brigade a new friend is hosting tonight. I always have the most trouble finding a pattern to commit to. The 2 sweaters I have made are both folded floppily in the closet, never worn. They're both a bit misshapen and I wonder, what was I thinking with the pattern. One has the most enormous cowl neck that doubles as a hoodie or shawl or skirt..

I'm halfway through a new scarf and haven't had any problems with the loom. yet. This one is shades of light green and yellow with bolder stripes of black wool I plan on felting when finished.

I'm also working on some other items to add to my etsy- small matchbook style notebooks (using recycle bin paper and book pages). Does anyone need little notebooks? I've used up so many post-it notes writing grocery lists- and they end up in a stuck pile at the bottom of my bag.

On my walk back from taking these photos, Pidge spotted me down below our 3rd floor window. We played a short game of me crying, "Pidge" and she replying, "meow".

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