Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Last night we had an impromptu dinner with friends and watched a beautiful Ukrainian movie (Shadows of our Forgotten Ancestors). We made the pasta dish again- and this time I made the pasta (no written recipe! no Brian to help!) I think it was a success and managed to get some okay photos to post (Thanks Olga!).

My favorite part is folding the dough into a little envelope and feeding it though the rollers.

I think the dough turned out a little soft - I rubbed in lots of flour, but the noodles needed a little coaxing to separate into individual pieces. Next time- a stiffer dough. Here are noodles drying a bit on a broomstick held by me and Sam:

And the final dish on a plate from my childhood. This concludes the cooking chapter. More scarf and crafty posts next week. Happy Thanksgiving!


Rachel Bone said...

brooomstick- good idea! better than chairbacks like we used. more efficient, and it looks very pretty.

Olga L. said...

deliciousness of all delicious! i wrote about your fettucini, too!

Jen said...

Yum! What a delicious looking cooking adventure!