Thursday, November 20, 2008

I love lemon and garlic together!

I've been busier in the past days and it feels great. I'm more than half way finished 3 pet portraits I'm hoping to get the go ahead to share here before Christmas, I finished a pair of wool mittens I have to felt then wear, had a fun knitting night with new friends and last night learned to make pasta with my pasta roller thingy I picked up at a church sale for $ 2.00. (Thank you Brian and this amazing recipe!) I wish I'd taken a photo of the finished product to post but will the next time. More posting soon... (photo from warmer days when I didn't need to wear sleeping bag booties and a fleece blanket tied like a toga around me)

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Olga L. said...

what a great photo... i'da loved to see the fettucini photos, but i guess i'll just settle for eating the real thing sometime ;)