Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Veggie Broth

So much cooking in the past few days.. I made a giant batch of vegetable broth- made broth ice cubes and lots of frozen containers and potato leek soup. My goal is not to rely on bouillon cubes anymore (I love Rapunzel brand- no msg and they have a salt free version- but a bit pricey) even though they are convenient. We are lucky enough to have 2 good friends with a compost pit so we're able to freeze our compost in a paper bag and give it to them every week. (The paper bag mostly works great- no slimy plastic and it breaks down right in the compost. Do not dump tomato seeds and skins in this bag from an all day sauce making even as the bag will tear and pour tomato juice all over everything in the freezer and make a huge mess. Trust me.) Now we can extract the very most from our vegetables, cooking the good scraps into stock and then composting. The following 2 unattractive photos (how does one photograph food without making it look like a 1970's How to Cook in the Microwave cookbook?) document cooked broth bits (some great things to add to the mix to add depth of flavor are lentils, nutritional yeast, bay leaves, parsley root and dark green leek tops) and finished golden veggie broth:

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