Friday, November 14, 2008

New Scarves!

Two new scarves updating to my etsy shop shortly.. I had a lot of fun weaving these. I chose a pattern called, "Bird's Eye and Rose Path" which has several options as well as a plain weave. I found this pretty silvery yarn I got at a huge garage sale this fall and got color inspiration from a photograph of a white fireplace with silver and yellow frames and wooden letters on the mantle. The second scarf is inspired by this beautiful floral wallpaper I had glued in a sketchbook.
It is beautiful outside today and I was able to photograph outdoors. A man walked up to me and said, "I give up. What are doing?" as I was setting up.. He thought I was using the dressform to climb into the first floor window.
Last night was our turn to work the distribution shift for our CSA. It was a lot of fun weighing potatoes and helping other members.. there was enough veggies leftover for us to grab some extras- lots of potato leek soup is in my future.

Also... stay tuned for the new Spinto Band video that I think debuts on youtube tonight! I will link it here as soon as it goes up.

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Olga L. said...

so lovely. and even prettier in person. have you considered teaching classes at the rochester weavers guild?