Friday, November 7, 2008

New Warp

I've wound a new warp for the next batch of scarves. I used up a few cones of cotton yarn and have 11 yards to work with. The process of winding a warp is easy, but just takes a while. My fingers get a bit carpet burned and arm surprisingly sore winding the yarn back forth over each yard 168 rounds. I hope to dress the loom today- although it may be a juggling act because it is easier with 2 people. Albert has buddies in from NYC for the weekend for a film shoot so I'm on my own for this task. The other photo is the view from our back porch. The yellow leaves change the light back there- all golden and glowy.

I've also started to make little matchbook notebooks for a change of pace. They're made with all recycled materials including pages from an old atlas and recycle bin paper and great to slip into your purse or pocket. I've glad there is finally a use for the drawer full of scrap paper that we usually write grocery lists and scores for card games. The first batch are up on etsy!