Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Saturday

I feel today will be a lazy Saturday. It is snowglobe snowing outside and I have a lot of vegetables to process before we leave for Pennsylvania on Wednesday. I'll make a big pot of veggie stock and maybe some Thanksgiving recipe dry runs. Well, green bean casserole doesn't really require a dry run (how can you mess that up?), but I really like making it the week before just to eat. There is something about mushy green beans and soggy onion bits that I just love. The real motive is to satisfy my yen now so I can properly focus on other tasty dishes next week.

On Thursday, Albert and I went to our friend Olga's house for a Ukrainian dinner- lots of tasty new foods and pierogies with homemade sour cream. No photos for any of this as well- I need to bring camera with me.. Here's a photo of my Friday- napping with Pidge, nursing the beginning of a cold, wearing my unfelted wool mittens.