Monday, November 10, 2008

Apple Pie Cook off

LinkYesterday afternoon my friend Rachel and I made 2 apple pies. The goal was to finally overcome my pie crust making fear. And, despite the photo's unappetizing appearance, they were quite tasty. Rachel made her gram's recipe and I tried (again) the Cook's Illustrated Vodka pie crust recipe (thank you smitten kitchen).
We found both crusts to be very similar in taste and texture- I thought the vodka crust was a little more buttery (and it did have more butter) and was a bit flakier. Two smoke alarms went off during the course of cooking with minimal burning- and the most important part was that I made a crust!

Projects for this week: pick a pattern and finish the loom set up ( I managed to climb inside of the loom to get the 11 yard warp on with minimal headaches), get the curliques out of yarn (I unraveled a vest I almost finished last year but didn't like anymore), find a felted mitten pattern and start 3 more pet portraits.

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Olga L. said...

i can vouch for how tasty this was..."wodka" !