Monday, January 19, 2009

Roses and Cream Scarf

LinkIt's such a bright sunny day today and out my windows giant icicles drip drip and occasionally crash to the ground. It was a great weekend helping Albert, Jon and friends work on a film shoot ending with a tasty breakfast to send off our friends who are headed back to Baltimore.
I am back to work.

The above photo was my inspiration for this scarf I just posted on etsy today. I really love that mustard wool yarn- it looks so punchy next to so many colors. And a rather ho hum variegated rosy yarn looks so lovely and delicate when woven within the color scheme.

It's been a while since I've updated the shop and I've been thinking of how to approach these slower post holidays months. I'm hoping to weave even more and build up an inventory-maybe I'll have enough later in the year to try my hand at a craft show or sell in some local shops.

I've also been spinning more lately with my drop spindle (maybe Rachel can scan the neat polaroid she took this weekend and send it along :)) The next big investment may be my very own spinning wheel.

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