Thursday, January 8, 2009

Hard at work in 2008

A busy day today of cleaning- the apartment and my desktop while it snows blustery outside. Two hours of great music just ended (the students aren't back yet at RIT who usually host the time slot on the radio and so some automatic playlist picked the tunes and they were fun) and I just posted 3 entries. On a roll I guess to make up for the month of no posts. Below are 3 images I called Albert in the living room to take in December while hard at work on some portraits. I am transferring my drawings onto the fabric using a light table Albert picked up at a garage sale over the summer. It still smells musty when the lamps heat up, but it is quite handy. The Goo (one of Pidge's nicknames) was snuggly on my belly, and though it made working a bit of a challenge, I couldn't bear to move her. Plus, she served as a natural heating blanket.

My kitty bump.
The Goo from my point of view.

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