Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catkins Diet

Pidge has been on the "catkins diet" (just like atkins) now for over 3 months as per our vet who said she will just keep on plumping otherwise. Stinky wet food twice a day and constant meowing and whining for most of the day. Recently, Albert and I decided we'd rather have a fat cat who cries less and stopped with the canned food. As a compromise, we've started feeding her a dry food without wheat, corn or soy. Pricey stuff.

And how does she show her appreciation? Wakes me up crunching on a dry rigatoni next to the bed that I'd dropped in the kitchen yesterday making lunch.

(notice the backwards ears- a clear sign she is being naughty)

In other news, finished the springtime scarf and started the next. I'm trying something different this time and not cutting the first scarf off of the warp. Usually, I'm impatient and want to see the completed scarf, take photos and post online immediately. Leaving the scarf on saves me about an hour of setup (tying the warp back onto the front beam and balancing tension).

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