Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The importance of being cozy at work

Pidge (despite approximately 22 hours a day of an ornery, whiny attitude) does find moments of peace. Or perhaps it is just that I restrain her in various baby bjorn-esque blanket enclosures and she is forced to stillness. Either way, she creates a little hot pocket to keep me cozy. Today I'm finishing the last of 3 new embroidered pieces for an art show I was asked to be a part of at a gallery in nyc. They're tiny illustrations 1 or 2 inches tall of Pico the cat.

This week, I'm borrowing my friend Rachel's digital camera so that I can finally update 2 new scarves for etsy and post a photo of my sister Rachel's cat, Peabody (the polar opposite of this blog's namesake; his purr machine runs 24/7 (Pidge is broken)).

(update: I finished the third illustraton and quite happy with them. To stick with the theme for the show, they'll be presented in embroidery hoops- but, when I get them back I think I'll finish them like the other pet portraits in bound fabric squares.)

I dressed the loom with a new warp today.. 11 yards of blues, greens and whites and now need to stretch out- the task is meant to take place with two people at the front and back of the loom. Instead, I climb into the middle and lean and bend and contort to wind the threads on evenly spaced and tensioned. I'll take pictures of the process some day and post.


Rachel Bone said...

can't wait to see you real soon & hear all about it

Lindsay said...

when is this show going up? i will be in the city all next week and if it's open I shall go and see it! hurrah!