Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas Cardinal

Here's a little cardinal portrait that was commissioned for my friend Brian's mom. I just love the polka dots.

So, without a camera, I can only describe what I've been creating lately. I finished the warp on my loop (was able to get 5 scarves out of 11 yards of warp- which is one more than I had anticipated.) I have a scarf in rich rosy reds, golden yellow and cream with hints of grey-blue sitting here waiting to be photographed and put on etsy...

Last night I wound a new warp for the next series of scarves- in grey-blue, seafoam green, cream with thin stripes of sort of a dark brown-green tone. While recovering from a messy bout of stomach flu the first week in January, I finally went through a stack of Martha Stewart magazine and some various others and pulled a bunch of images and color schemes for my inspiration journal. Organizing the clipped pictures afterwards I gathered a bunch of beautiful images of etched silverware, aged wallpaper, a series of plates hung on a wall and a gorgeous grouping of Astilbe in silver vases. These will provide me with plenty of material for 5 scarves.

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