Sunday, October 25, 2009

Squirrel Bulk

This past summer at the Brighton Farmer's Market I went a little overboard. But I couldn't help it! I love stocking up and I was able to score some really great deals including... 1/2 a bushel of delicata (soooo good to roast with sage and no need to peel!), butternut and buttercup squash, 1/2 a bushel of empire apples (I have plans to make smitten kitchen's breakfast apple crisp...), 20 pounds of red and yukon gold potatoes, one green cabbage (hello colcannon!) 3 red peppers, 3 pounds of garlic, radishes, tomatoes and kale...

There are only a few weeks left of the market and I will miss it! I wish I knew the name of the man that sells the most delicious croissants I've ever had (right next to the tent my friend Brad sells Muddy Waters Coffee in). He stays up the entire night before baking and there's just that extra special something that you can't get from a bigger bakery.

What's left to stock up on? I still have a yen to go apple picking, want 10 lbs of leeks to freeze (although I am out of freezer space), maybe more carrots (got a new juicer at a church sale last month that makes the best apple carrot juice ever!), onions and potatoes?

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Nogeeshik said...

Vanessa you have to try adding a chunk of ginger to your apple carrot juice, we throw it right in the juicer with the apples. Also just apple ginger juice is so delicious.