Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our new boston fern

A few weeks ago, on my walk home from work, I discovered a family of big boston ferns sitting sadly by the curb. I pass by this house every day and always admire the 6 or 7 ferns lining the porch every summer. What a waste to be tossing them to the curb! I could only carry 2- and they covered my entire body while walking. Up in our apartment they seemed to have grown twice the size... The other fern is at my friend Rachel's- it's twice the size of the one above! Even if it lasts only a few weeks, it will be worth it to have such greenery in our living room.

Oops- forgot to upload this photo when I put up the Sunset scarf. This was during the planning stages. I go through my stash and make a giant mess, then wind bobbins, loading my palette with lots of color. You can see the inspiration photo (a comforter from pottery barn perhaps) at the bottom.
Pidge must be the most spoiled cat in Rochester. Albert and I want another kitten! I'm hoping Pidge will carry it around in her mouth like a momma (instead of eating it).

Today is a rainy day and I am so glad to have the day off. My goal is at least 1, maybe 2! scarves by this evening. Better get weaving...

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