Saturday, October 17, 2009

New Autumn Striped Scarf

I just want to snuggle up today with hot apple cider, donuts and a great book (I just started reading the new Audrey Niffennegger book- thank you Amy!). First, I have to finish my goals for the day- getting the other 5 scarves ready to go to etsy and tying on my new warp for the next set. Then I have to find some donuts.

Even though this morning definitely felt like winter (did I really need to buy another 10 pound bag of potatoes, onions and tomatoes at the market this morning?), I prefer to hope that the correct season re-arrives. This scarf has some of my favorite combinations of autumn-y colors. I just love blues, browns and oranges together. The above photo shows a stripe of variegated greens and blue-green-- maybe the softest yarn I own- kettle dyed merino and silk yarn made by an artisan named Fernando in Uruguay.

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