Sunday, October 18, 2009

Raspberry Scarf and kitten memories

Good morning Sunday! The sun is shining, Pidge is swishing her tail and running in crazed laps through the apartment like a greyhound, I just finished another bowl of apple granola crisp with yogurt for breakfast and I've just put the next scarf in the series up on etsy.

I love weaving with dark yarn on a white warp; the patterns show up so well and really give depth to the design. The scarf features a lot of the awesome finds I purchased over the summer at that giant yarn sale- such a treat to have so many options!

My friend Erin might be getting a kitten today and I'm so happy to be going with her! Here are 2 Pidge-as-kitten pics I found buried on my hard drive. Wonder if she could handle a kitten friend?

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