Thursday, October 15, 2009

Coming soon!

It has been a busy time.. where did the summer go? Where did autumn go? I've been huddled in front of the computer all morning (after a delicious breakfast of banana walnut buttermilk pancakes) in my winter coat, fleece blanket (with Pidge napping beneath- she makes my arm go numb resting her chin on the crook of my elbow but she's too cute to shove off of my lap...), wrist warmers and "sleeping bag" down slippers (my mom made them with a kit from the 70's) determined to edit and prepare photos for a whole slew of new scarves and blog posts (and compose the world's longest run-on sentence!).

The photo above was taken last week- 10 yards of scarf cut from the loom. It is so exciting at this stage to unroll one scarf at a time and rediscover the color combinations.

Perhaps you've notice the etsy shop looking a little sparse? Six scarves have traveled to Wisconsin for this gift show I am super pumped about! I've been working hard and have just finished 6 new scarves to replace them. Stay tuned for more regular updates to the store and the blog!


Diane said...

Love to see the color layers-waiting for the unveiling. You HAVE been busy!!!!! Proud to know an Artist!!

mandi said...

Your scarves are absolutely amazing. I have been eyeing them for a few months now...sigh. I am hoping instead of jewelery this christmas I find one of these in my stocking! :D