Saturday, October 25, 2008

Rainy Saturday

Pidge spent most of the day sleeping, as usual. When she does have to get up (usually to whine for food), it's funny to watch her carefully step through the explosion of cut paper and trinkets (for the music video) currently carpeting our living room floor. Albert and I have noticed recently that when we leave the back door open going to our attic area, Pidge has a tendency to run through the apartment to the back and start meowing. The theory is she sees this large photo of a cat face hanging above the porch door and is trying to communicate with it. Albert took the photo down and approached her with the photo. She proceeded to walk sideways at it, with the largest poofy tail we've ever seen. Is it even possible she recognized a cardboard cat face as a cat? That would seem to suggest intelligence I wasn't aware she had. However, she is running to the back hallway to meow at something on the wall.

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