Friday, October 24, 2008

A new bloggy world

Hello there! This is it. I said I wouldn't do it. But I did. I realized I spend half my day on google reader reading everyone else's blogs. So, this can be my alterna-mass email. Self-embarrassment on a more public scale. And embarrassment of my fat brat cat, Pidge- as seen above letting it all hang out.
I'll get right to it.
Today, I fixed Albert's video camera. We spent a few hours working on a new stop motion video for the Spinto Band, only to find that nothing had, in fact, been recorded. Bummer. (Oh- Rachel Lee- you can be my grammatical editor (or forgiver)). Okay- back to the beginning. We've figured out the problem, ate some apples from Green Acres farm (34 more pounds to go) and off we go.
Several hours later- we are in full swing creative mode using buttons, fabric, yarn, cut out black and white photos, leaves, etc.

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