Sunday, October 26, 2008

Crafting with Pigeon

Much of today was spent trying to fix my loom. A little metal arm (in the toughest spot to get at) fell off of its hinge. I've had to cut the warp off of the loom today (ruining a scarf in progress) to get at the broken piece. I was able to pop it back on- though I think this is only a temporary fix. What I need are arms of steel to get this little bitty replaced with a screw. Sigh. This sets me back about 3 hours. I have to thread a new treadling pattern and finish re-dressing the loom. Tomorrow.

Instead, I worked on several commissions for a lovely girl in Baltimore. Three stitched pet portraits- which I will post here when they're finished. Pidge was a big help as usual. Here she is in the fabric...

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