Sunday, April 1, 2012

Round things

 It is incredibly easy to for me to ponder 30 photos of every loaf of no-knead bread I make. This was a double recipe- I was listening to Terry Gross interview Matthew Weiner (Mad Men) and tripled the yeast by accident.

While I waited for the dough to rise (18-24hrs), I finished this year long project- a wool rug braided from scraps of family vintage scraps of wool (thanks Paisley and Billy!) Perhaps the most comfortable rug ever. Wish it was triple the size..

Here's the completed loaf. While baking, I made a double batch of kale salad and experimented with the new mandoline I found at the Goodwill for four dollars. Can't wait to make beet chips and julienned potatoes and and and..


Barb said...

Hi Vanessa, The bread looks good. Did you get a chance to try the beet chips yet? I tried them but I am just learning to use my mandoline (I wish I found it for $4!) and I cut them too thick at first. The thinner ones did much better but still I don't think I cooked them long enough. They were too soft. Let me know if you have discovered the trick.

pidge pidge said...

Hi Barb! i haven't tried the beet chips yet... but that is a great idea for dinner/snack tonight- maybe i'll do carrot, potato and beet. i'm sure i'll post a photo if i get something edible :)