Saturday, January 28, 2012

Ithaca 2012

The sound of geese at night was like a cocktail party. This inspired a viewing of an awesome movie- Sneakers. Please add this to you netflix queue now.

 Last week, Albert and I went on a spontaneous trip to Ithaca to visit our friends, Dan and Erin. We have loved Ithaca from afar for years but have had limited exposure to the awesome city.

After a snowy night, we awoke to find giant patches of ice in the lake. 

 Dan and Erin gave us a whirlwind tour, complete with beautiful landscapes and delicious food. We ate at College Town Bagels three times during our stay, the Moosewood, and had the tastiest butternut squash risotto at the beautiful lake house we stayed. We had cozy visits with Dan's family (mmm.. warm banana bread and tea with Tom and Debbie) and yet another delicious dinner (thank you Heather and Bruce!) We also got lazy by the fire and obsessed over of season one of Downton Abbey.

Hundreds of geese and ducks float by as far as the eye can see at the tip of Cayuga Lake.

We took a nature walk around the Cornell Lab of Ornithology that inspired this happy (maybe a little cheesy but fun) photo shoot. It was brisk and beautiful!

Albert and I all bundled up for our walk around the pond.
Dan and Erin pose in Sapsucker Woods.

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