Saturday, June 13, 2009

An old project to share

I've been meaning to share these not too hot photos of a project from a few years ago. This quilt (my first and possible last double wedding ring quilt) was a gift for my old college roommate, Blythe, and her husband, Mike. It was a true labor of love (especially removing the cat from my lovely ironed pieces at least once a night) and it couldn't have gone to better friends. The pictures I have are terrible- taken the night of the rehearsal dinner in a Marriot in Pennsylvania (Blythe, if you're reading this... would you be able to photograph this in natural (non-hotel) light for me? I have it in my head that one day I'll duplicate it for myself).
The colors were inspired by a bowl of tangerines on an old painted blue-gray bureau (Still have the image and hope to use it for weaving inspiration one of these days).

Newer things to share hopefully soon. A yarn shop in the neighborhood is having a moving sale (I have gone 3 times already) - and I bought 2 big bags of yarn for 99 cents and 1.99 a ball... I am super excited because I picked out beautiful colors and the yarn is all merino, silk blends, cotton and other super soft stuff. I have a great feeling about this fall's new scarf line up!

Photo of my giant yarn stash to come.. the digital camera is back in the mail - this time to Rochester all fixed and ready to go!

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Anonymous said...

So so so pretty.
-rachel b