Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Linwood P.S.

Here are 2 more photos from Linwood Gardens.. The little fountain below had a tiny trickle of water above being blown clear out of the fountain and into the air.

I am on the third scarf on the the looser warp and weaving seems to be going well, if not noticeably slower. I am finding it quite the challenge to stick to thinner cottons and every once in a while have to add an inch or two of something thicker. I've recently been re-gifted several balls of jo sharp cotton yarn and find it really nice to weave with. The camera craziness seems to have a cure and canon will be sending me a label to ship it off and get it fixed for free! So.. there may be a delay in scarf images as I wait for it to return to me, all shiny and new.

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