Sunday, May 17, 2009

And it's 40 degrees.

Here are a few photos taken while strolling the neighborhood looking for flowers. Above, a gorgeous chestnut tree. Below, a baby buttercup and a rather large lilac bush in the gardens of the Eastman House. They were having a plant sale and it made me long for a yard to garden in. I've been taking flowers pics to hopefully catch a bee in some.. working for Albert's uncle's honey company (Honey Gardens Apiaries- they sell raw honey and plant medicines) with their facebook page. If you're into that- become a fan on facebook and you can view the rest of my Rochester in bloom photo album.

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Dresden Engle, PR Manager, George Eastman House said...

Love the photograph of the lilac bush, with Eastman House and the Terrace Garden in the background!

Best to you from Eastman House ...

- Dresden Engle, public relations manager