Sunday, March 8, 2009

Stack o' Scarves

Well, I'm happy to know that for once, I actually worked all weekend, got a lot accomplished- scarves, sketches, scanning- and still had time for fun- cooking, cleaning, cesar milan.. Technically cleaning wasn't fun, but I cooked tasty lentils and rice (cooked in the same pot with lots of homemade stock) with caramelized onions (45 min!) made in my trusty cast iron skillet at the same time. I watched loads of dog whisperer and vaguely remember trying to rehabilitate dogs in my dreams all night. I heard squirrels (I hope that's what it was) in our attic space- little squeaks and nuts rolling down the slanted ceiling above our couch the other night. I eavesdropped on their conversation- ear to the wall; Pidge tried to climb inside the bookshelf to get to them.

Anyways, eager to jump into picture taking, I forgot I have to finish the scarves first (tie the fringe). So that's it for now.

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