Friday, March 27, 2009

Our most perfect pizza

This past week has been a delicious cooking adventure. Above- our balsamic mushroom and caramelized onion pizza with Albert's no knead dough. Below- the beginnings of the best lentil soup batch yet! Nogeeshik's canned tomato juice from last summer, celeriac from our last winter csa share pickup and bean water from the cooked garbanzo beans I made last week (last yielded delicious hummus) were the base for the broth and, boy, it had so much flavor we didn't need the ton of romano cheese we usually grate onto our bowl every 5 minutes. The soup also had the last of our squirrel bulk baby yukon gold potatoes, yellow and orange carrots, a red onion and kale from our csa. MMM!

Pidge, laying on her claimed red chair, looking all chubba-like. Check out that pouchy eye smooch! (Sorry, I will never write for cute overload).

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