Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Move over winter!

What a beautiful weekend! We had the back porch door open and fresh air for the first time since October. It was glorious- Pidge spent all afternoon sitting by the screen, deep in thought.
I was in a cooking frenzy Saturday morning. I wish I'd taken more photos. Delicious grapefruit blackberry yogurt cake (a la smitten kitchen), lemon parmesan salad dressing atop homemade mung bean sprouts, the purest white mushrooms I've ever seen, chicks peas freshly cooked , and crunchy roasted garlic croutons made from leftover Italian bread. Oh and then I made grapefruit curd, roasted garlic hummus and noodles with peanut sauce and sugar snap peas. Not bad for 2 days work. (Check out that extra orangy egg yolk below).

Below, Pidge and her new chair which she truly has claimed. She runs into the dining room launching herself on- tipping it back on 2 legs- and uses the momentum to catapult herself onto the yellow chair in the living room.

She perches in the chair and chirps at the mourning dove on the roof next door. Here she is mid-chirp and mid-grip.

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