Monday, February 9, 2009

Astilbe Scarf

I enjoyed weaving this scarf because there weren't any neutral tones in it. I was inspired by feathery astilbe flowers in shades of pink, red and coral. I'd been waiting for the right scarf to use this crap of coral wool my mom had given me- it really pops next to the turquoise and periwinkle. These are photos from the first set I took. It was a brilliantly sunny day and as a result, they were a little too washed out. The second shoot involved a big white sheet covering several pieces of furniture stacked on top of each to make the backdrop.


erin said...

Is your etsy model shirt the shirt that Lauren gave to me and I gave to you? gap? BR?
That would be great : )

vanessa said...

probably.. though I keep giving bags of clothes away- my wardrobe is still stocked with college hand-me-downs from you and Lauren :)