Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Studio Space

We've spent the last 2 days rearranging the living room, studio and office and I think we found something that works! Above, my new and improved studio space complete with sewing area, 2 looms (weave at one, spin around and weave at the other) and storage (not completed settled on that) for yarn. We have the best light in the winter and I'm inspired..

The new living area across the room with new-to-us coffee table has a better netflix view and a cozy feel with that carpet underfoot. So much better than before.. Pidge is in the back with the cotton monster and stuffed deer doll.

I think she is happier with this set up. If Pidge is capable of happiness. Stubbornly not in discontentment? I love her even if she loves no one.



Carly said...

Ah. Seeing your bobbins helps me to understand how you weave so quickly (maybe). I intentionally only wind one bobbin at a time because it forces me to get up and stretch my body regularly. Hmm... so you're a fast weaver with knotty back muscles and I'm a slow weaver with jiggly muscles?

vanessa said...

i used to wind only several bobbins at a time, but i found getting up every 20 minutes always seemed to lead to a snack. or an uncontrollable urge to do dishes. or pester the cat...