Monday, May 23, 2011

Handmade Mart

Just got back from this past Sunday's Handmade Mart in Silver Spring. What a whirlwind weekend! Saturday night was a beautiful Fleet Foxes show near Philly with our friend Elanor, visiting from Rochester. We got home super late and left super early Sunday morning for a lovely show in Maryland. Albert's first Jubadaba show- we shared a tent. A huge success and smiles all around.

Now that I'm officially finished shows until the fall I can focus on weaving and filling the shop with goodies- about 35 new scarves to add in the next few weeks :)

The peony fields last week, just starting to bloom. I've been enjoying the outdoors the past few weeks working with new and old friends for our neighbor, Richard picking peonies and getting them ready for shipment all over the world. What a dream job... I agreed with my friend Jon that 100 million people wish they could be out in the fields all day instead of an office. Even when we enduring rolling thunderstorms and heavy rain all day on Friday- 70 million people still wish they could be outside with us. I haven't been to the field since Saturday afternoon, but I saw the cooler waist high with flowers from the weekend so I know everything will be exploding with color tomorrow morning when I head out to pick again.

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