Thursday, May 12, 2011

Art Star Philly this weekend!

It's been the most busy few weeks. We've moved our caravan of three to the green countryside of Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania to live in an old stone train station near friends and family (our wonderful friends, Jon and Nogeeshik (and chickens, Badger the pup and Maebe the kitten), live across the street). Amidst all the boxes, we are finally starting to see an end in sight and will have pictures to post soon. Last step are the 6 boxes of framed art and photos to put up (icing on the cake!) Next step is to finish unpacking the kitchen, tackle the ant and stink bug dilemma (peppermint oil seems to be helping with the ants.. stink bugs are spraying their cilantro stink to no avail), and finish unpacking period.

I'm really excited to have a big table for my sewing/business area in our office and lots of room to make a mess. The weaving studio resides in the living room and was assembled yesterday. We've also been working some hours debudding and picking peonies for our downstairs neighbor's business- a great way to breathe in some fresh air and nab what hopefully will be gorgeous photos.

Here's what I've been working on for this weekend's craft show and next weekend's craft show (where I'll be sharing a tent with Albert!) Excited for Art Star's two day show- fingers crossed for big crowds and only enough rain (if there must be rain) to desire a cozy scarf around the neck or head!

Testing a window for light.. still working on the studio setup but have a few ideas yet to try...

That's 34 new scarves (half summer, half winter) to paw through if you're in Philadelphia this weekend!

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