Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Scarf and Film Review!

Some photos from the newest scarf in the shop! Though I try not to, most of my scarf designs are just a tad more on the softer, feminine side. I just love it when a guy buys a scarf for himself- they always look really great with a pea coat or mens overcoat. I'd happily wear this scarf and I saw quite a few men eyeing it at the Clothesline Fest as well..

Also... Albert and Jon's film, The Beast Pageant, is premiering this Sunday at the Dryden Theater! Check out this review in the Rochester alternative newspaper and this one in the Democrat and Chronicle.. so proud :) If you're in Rochester, come see it! (I'll try to hide in the corner and keep my giddy excitement and nervousness a touch quieter than the film)

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